CDS Global launches digital newsstand sales metrics tool

CDS Global has announced the launch of eEditions International – a data retrieval and management solution to provide consolidated metrics on magazine sales across digital newsstands such as Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Google Play and Zinio.

eEditions International eliminates the need for publishers to manually retrieve and analyse raw customer and transactional data from individual newsstand vendors, serving as a single source for meaningful sales, retention, audit and financial information across storefronts.

Mark Judd, managing director, CDS Global, UK, said: “With the proliferation of tablet devices and the growing number of digital newsstands, it is paramount that publishers have the ability to gather clear, consolidated customer sales data. eEditions International eases the burden of managing the inconsistent data publishers are receiving from their digital content vendors, allowing them to make informed business decisions based on metrics, trends and buying behavior.”

eEditions International is an optimised version of CDS Global’s eEditions product, which was released to the North American market in 2012.

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