Chemical Watch makes switch to membership model


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The new service, which comes after 12 months of development, will feature the company’s global news and intelligence*, alongside a comprehensive library of resources, diagnostic tools and customer support from a newly formed analyst team, all of which will be accessible via a new online platform.

The service will form part of a corporate membership package, marking a change from the company’s previous
subscription offering.

The company has consolidated its three sub-brands (AsiaHub, BiocidesHub and Chemical Risk Manager) into the single Chemical Watch brand.

The change is the result of 12 months’ work, during which the business looked at how it could best meet the needs of its customers in the long term. Feedback gathered from customers – spread across the world, and representing sectors from electronics and IT to retail, food packaging and cosmetics – indicated that the increasing complexity of global regulatory regimes is driving a need for reliable intelligence and expert insight.

The feedback also highlighted some important trends within the chemicals management community, including the fact that regulatory compliance is becoming more complicated, increasing market volatility, the risks and opportunities brought by digitalisation, and the growing integration of chemicals risk management with wider corporate and societal needs to achieve sustainable development.

CEO Mamta Patel said: “Our mission when we launched Chemical Watch in 2007 was to provide businesses with the information they need to manage the risks of chemicals responsibly. For a decade we served that purpose with a news service now referenced across the world. In time we added, events, directories and training services.

“In 2019 after a deep look at our marketplace we are responding with the launch of a future-fit Chemical Watch that will augment our existing services with exciting new possibilities to interact and service our customers’ needs now and in coming years. It will look and feel different but you will still recognise our core values of delivering objective, accurate, timely, relevant intelligence and we will stay true to our original mission.”



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