ChoiceStream CEO: Digital advertisers should look beyond viewability and fraud for results

No, ChoiceStream CEO Eric Bosco was not trying to convince me of the virtues of artificial lawns.

Instead, he was making an argument that today’s digital advertisers need to re-assess the problems of ad viewability and traffic fraud. It’s a cost-benefit game, he is arguing, and many advertisers are missing the big picture.

“As an advertiser,” he told me, “you should be worrying about [questions like,] ‘for the amount of money I’m spending, am I getting results that move the needle?’

ChoiceStream’s ad platform has a foot in the worlds of both impression- and results-based advertising. It delivers campaigns that produce an agreed-upon number of ad impressions along with a specified number of actions, such as 20,000 impressions with 1500 hotel room bookings obtained at such-and-such a cost for each booking.

The “crabgrass,” a metaphor I had suggested, represents the hurdles digital ads commonly face so they will be seen by … you know … actual human eyes. It is marring the field on which digital ads are sown.

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Source: VentureBeat

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