Condé Nast Health on introducing its new series of Twitter-first videos

We recently reported on the rollout of Health X, Condé Nast’s Twitter-first video series, which has been designed to accompany the brand’s best health content. Here in this exclusive interview for FIPP, Carrie Moore, Head of Sales for Condé Nast Health, talks us through the product, the benefits for advertisers, and how the video series is helping to drive innovation alongside other new developments like the company’s cookie-less targeting solution.

Designed as a Twitter-first video solution for advertisers and optimised for Twitter feeds to ‘stop the scroll’, Condé Nast’s Health X series is also distributed across the company’s wide array of distribution channels. Each series is grounded in insights, aligning health editorial with the trending conversations, real-time sentiments and emotions that are unique to Twitter. And as Carrie explains, the goal here remains creating valuable advertising solutions around quality content offerings. 

“This is all editorial content,” she tells us. “It’s informed by Twitter insights and leverages some of our most successful content formats. We’re playing to our strengths by combining our high-quality content and deep health storytelling with the social conversations that are trending in the moment.” 

“Advertisers get pre-roll alignment with condition-specific content, both on and off Twitter. Our intention was to create a turnkey package that enables our advertisers to align with condition-specific content, rather than create custom video content that would require additional medical, legal, and regulatory reviews from their side. And in addition of course, we’ll be highlighting advertisers with promoted tweets, tags, and/or custom hashtags.” 

As you might expect from a ‘Twitter-first’ offering, the intention is to capture and captivate users within the micro-blogging platform’s walls. And while there will be opportunities for consumers to click through to Condé’s sites and learn more, the overall intention with this series is not necessarily to drive traffic. 

“We’re creating content that pulls our audience members in with topics they care about, prompting them to take the time to engage and learn more. While there will absolutely be opportunities for consumers to click through to our sites and learn more, our intention with these series isn’t necessarily to drive traffic. We want our audiences to engage with our brands within the Twitter environment, connect with other users, and to learn something of value without having to jump out of their feed.”

The content offering is certainly unique, coming at health and lifestyle topics from a number of different angles. Referencing the series’ #360health Recipe Overhaul track, which features Doctor Linda Shiue, an internist and professionally trained chef, Moore highlights the depth of the content: 

“Our intention is to launch five distinct series,” says Moore, “each of which can be applied to a number of different conditions. For example, one episode of Epicurious’s ‘Recipe Overhaul’ might focus on creating easy meals for people with diabetes, while the next episode does the same for those with Crohn’s.” 

Other areas will include: 

  • #expertexplains | Derm Consult | Allure: In this series, Allure brings their top dermatologists to embark on skincare consultations for various skin conditions, debunking misinformation along the way. 
  • #raisingawareness | In 60 seconds | Glamour: A spin-off of Glamour’s popular series In 2 Minutes, this series will explain health topics in 60 seconds flat, providing a light-hearted way to explore a health condition.
  • #datadrivenbodies | Why Me | SELF: Why Me leans into building awareness and community health. SELF will uncover factors that might go into a diagnosis: DNA, socio-economic disparities, environmental issues, and more. 
  • #beingwelltogether | Women Explain | Glamour: Glamour’s series Women Explain will feature candid conversations around health through the lens of trust between women.
  • #data | WIRED | Tech Support: WIRED will run through the most-asked questions about particular conditions from Twitter users, breaking them down with brief answers from experts.

The idea to run the content as a Twitter-first endeavour stems from the fact that there is already a notable buzz around these sorts of topics on the platform. People are not just consuming content as relates to health issues, but actively creating conversation about it as well. 

“This extended partnership takes the differentiated health content from Condé Nast’s best-in-class brands and aligns it not only with the trending conversations in health, but the real-time sentiment and emotions that are unique to Twitter. People are on Twitter to share in their full range of emotions, which creates an opportunity for marketers to connect on every possible level.

“We are providing the highest quality, engaging health content from across our portfolio of trusted brands in an environment where audiences are already engaging around these topics. The videos will launch on Twitter, but may appear on other platforms, including our O&O properties.”

Of course as the content tracks highlighted above demonstrate, Condé’s brands are crucial to the company’s success here. With such a strong portfolio of recognisable names that each bring their own unique approach to the area of health content, the company can provide a diverse range for advertisers.    

“It’s important that we always lead with our brands, their unique points of view, and content formats that we know will resonate with their distinct audiences. For instance, Self is wellness you can trust: leaning into the title’s four core values of authenticity, inclusivity, bodily autonomy, and accuracy. Allure looks at health through the lens of beauty, Glamour empowers its audience to advocate for themselves and others and Vogue uses its cultural authority to cut through the static and provide a hyper-curated look at self-care. The power of this offering is that it provides a turnkey solution for brands, while addressing health from multiple perspectives, because consumer health is not one dimensional.”

Finally, Health X is part of a range of new approaches to advertiser solutions that have been introduced by Condé this year. For example, the company’s new product Obsidian is a CitizenNet cookie-less solution that leverages AI-powered machine learning to combine the power of content intelligence, audience models, and audience interactions to reach ‘high-intent’ audiences. So just how important is it, particularly as we move into the post-cookie era, that largescale media owners like Condé continue to innovate when it comes to their platforms? 

“Our audiences are at the centre of everything we do, and we’re constantly looking for innovative ways to provide real value for them – especially when it comes to topics that relate to their health and wellness. It’s because of this, and the trust we’ve gained with our audiences, that we’re able to leverage other offerings on behalf of our advertisers. For example, our cookie-less targeting solution ensures that we’re delivering the right content to the right consumers at the right time.”


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