Condé Nast unveils slate of video programmes, billing itself as “new primetime” destination

Condé Nast has announced 75 returning series and 50 new pilots across 17 brand channels for 2021-2022, capitalising on huge growth in streaming in the past year. Its brands will focus on shoppable series and reaching incremental viewers via new programmes and “supercharged” relaunches of some of its most exclusive events.

During its annual NewFront presentation today (4 May) which took place online, audiences heard about Vogue’s expansion into wellness, GQ Sports’ 2022 Super Bowl lineup, and Vanity Fair’s expansion into audio. The company also launched Condé Nast Shoppable, a new video capability that provides buyable opportunities for viewers in real time. 

Redefining primetime

The company has ambitions to be a top primetime destination, taking advantage of its exclusive access to relaunch the Met Gala with Vogue and Vanity Fair’s Oscars Party, which will return in 2022.

“As I’ve said before, audiences don’t watch platforms, they watch content,” said Pam Drucker Mann, global chief revenue officer and president, US revenue. “And Condé Nast makes content people want to see.” 

“Condé Nast is the gold standard of storytelling, with iconic global brands that have had lasting appeal for generations of audiences around the world,” said Agnes Chu, president at Condé Nast Entertainment and formerly SVP of Content at Disney+. “We’re in that rare echelon of companies truly positioned to make an impact, surfacing fresh voices and new stories every day.” 

Meeting viewers where they’re at 

The company is focusing on reaching those segments of its audience who do not watch traditional broadcast and cable networks. “Last year we announced the launch of the Condé Nast Influence Network, our alternative to traditional broadcast and cable networks, showcasing our unmatched ability to create video content that resonates with consumers and drives the cultural conversation,” said Drucker Mann. 

“This year, we’re building on that influence by creating more engaging, interactive experiences for our audiences and distributing them across new channels — connecting with 10.3 million viewers that aren’t reachable on broadcast and cable. 

We’re in that rare echelon of companies truly positioned to make an impact, surfacing fresh voices and new stories every day.

Agnes Chu, president of Condé Nast Entertainment

Video content boost 

The company’s global video network currently drives an average of one billion monthly views, with an average of over 18 minutes spent per viewer each month. According to Nielsen Media Impact data, Condé Nast has delivered 10.3 million unique incremental individuals (P18+) who were not reached by broadcast or cable, up six per cent year over year. 

Now, the company is integrating shoppable technology into its video content, so that viewers can click to buy, for example, an outfit while watching a live Vogue fashion show.

“Audiences want to be participants, not just passive viewers – and of course, they want content 100 per cent personalised for them,” said Chu.


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