Condé Nast’s approach to programmatic presented at Digital Innovators’ Summit

Giving an overview of Condé Nast’s “move into digital,” Welch said that the last two years have seen the company’s “major part of the transition.”

Moving on to discuss how Condé Nast is using programmatic, Welch said: “We position ourselves as premium and we say our audience is affluent and influential. Condé is focusing in all aspects of digital – and we are very focused on maintaining a premium approach to programmatic.” He said that the ad tech landscape now is fast changing, complicated, messy and crowded. “As a publisher, the question is how do we most effectively navigate this mess and make it favourable to us?”

In this space, Condé Nast’s main goals are to create compelling content, give a great user experience and create compelling packages for advertisers. “Our approach to programmatic is to participate intelligently and carefully,” he said.

Welch’s programmatic advice
Build your programmatic team
Educate your sales force
Co-sell existing products plus programmatic options

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