FIPP World Congress: the who’s who by numbers

The FIPP World Congress takes place from 13-15 October in Toronto, Canada.

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Near 80 business leaders from around the world will speak at the Congress, while we expect some 700-800 attendees in the end. See the list of companies that have already registered delegates for the Congress here. And if you haven’t registered yet, you can do so here.

Who are they?

Looking at attendees’ job titles, the audience profile will be (based on current registrations):

  • 27 per cent are general, commercial and/or divisional managers
  • 26 per cent are CEOs, presidents and/or chairs of their companies
  • 18 per cent are chief content officers, editors-in-chief, editors
  • 7 per cent are managing directors of their companies
  • 7 per cent are international managers (e.g. head of international brands)
  • 6 per cent are group publishers, executive publishers and/or publishers
  • 3 per cent are in other C-level positions (e.g. chief operating officer)
  • 6 per cent are in other roles such as consultants, academic and/or writing 

Where are they from?

As can be expected, the country with most attendees is Canada, the host country of the FIPP World Congress 2015. Based on current registrations, 21 per cent of attendees will be from Canada. Canada is followed by: 

  • The US (17 per cent)
  • UK (12 per cent) 
  • Germany (6 per cent)
  • China (5 per cent) 
  • Norway (4 per cent)

Other countries with more than 1 per cent of registered attendees include Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Finland, France, India, Japan, Poland, Russia and South Africa. 

There will also be attendees from Latin American markets such as Argentina, Costa Rica and Mexico, European markets such as the Czech Republic, France and Spain, Asia-Pacific markets such as New Zealand, the Philippines and South Korea and Middle East and African markets such as the United Arab Emirates, Kenya and Zimbabwe, to name a few.

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How about the speakers?

The Congress programme includes speakers from magazine media, Internet pureplays, expert consulting, solution provider and other media companies. We have so far confirmed speakers from the following companies.

Magazine media companies/brand include:

Day 1: 

  • Time Inc. (USA and UK), House & Home Media (Canada), Rodale (USA), Kadokawa Corporation (Japan), 
  • Axel Springer (Germany), Time Out International (UK), Meredith Corporation (USA), 
  • BONA (South Africa), Studio Classroom (Chinese Taipei), L’actualité (Canada), Reader’s Digest/Sélection (Canada), 
  • InStyle (USA), Harper’s Bazaar (Mexico), Bauer Media (UK), Paris Match (France), PPA (UK) 
  • Ebner Media (Germany), Hearst Magazines International (USA), Burda International (Germany and Brazil)
  • St. Joseph’s Communications Media Group (Canada)

Day 2:

  • National Geographic Society (USA), 
  • IDG Communications, EMAP (UK), Nikkei International (Japan), Grupo Cerca (Costa Rica), VDZ (Germany), 
  • Annex Business and Newcom (Canada), 
  • Haymarket Media Group (UK), Immediate Media (UK), Campaign (USA), 
  • Hearst Magazines International (China and USA), Atlantic Media (USA), 
  • Editora Globo (Brazil), India Today (India), Edipresse (Switzerland)

Internet companies/brands include:

Day 1: 

  • Business Insider (USA),
  • Politico (USA), HuffPost (USA), Quartz (USA), 
  • WeChat/Tencent (China)

Day 2: 

  • Buzzfeed (USA), 
  • (USA), Vimeo (USA), 
  • Graziashop (Italy), Fashionchick (The Netherlands)

Expert consultants, solution providers and other media companies:

Day 1: 

  • The Kreisky Media Consultancy (USA), Cueball (USA), Innovation Media Consulting (UK and USA), Unruly (UK and USA), UPM (Sweden), Adobe (USA), Shutterstock (USA)

Day 2: 

  • CINT (Sweden), Say Media (USA), Thought Industries (USA), Lions Festivals (UK), Dow Jones (USA), Spacing (Canada)

The FIPP World Congress takes place from 13-15 October 2015 in Toronto, Canada. It includes the Worldwide Media Marketplace on 13 October and FIPP Mobile and FIPP Innovation on 14 and 15 October.

Near 80 speakers from around the world will be on stage at the Congress.

Join us in Toronto.

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