Global Views Monthly magazine: Content fit for a multiplatform world

Founded in 1986, the Chinese Taipei-based current affairs magazine (published by Commonwealth Publishing Group) has a loyal audience and is recognised as a thought leader in the industry it serves. The brand’s innovation began 10 years ago when a new editor-in-chief, Ma-li Yang, was appointed. Yang implemented special print editions, books and an events division, leading to a stable of 500 annual events.

Ma-Li Yang ()

Speaking today at FIPP Asia, Yang said a major turning point happened in 2013. Attending the FIPP Congress in Rome, Yang was inspired by a speech where she heard the statement: “We manage print for profit and digital for growth.”

“Suddenly, I realised we needed to maximise our print product but also invest in digital,” said Yang.

GVM five year plan ()

After that point, the magazine “went digital,” according to Yang. A focus on the website led to 20 times more growth in views and a Facebook page achieved 1.2m Likes. Videos and apps were created and a multi-platform approach was established for the brand, which now boasts four million video views.

GVM stats ()

Yang said the brand discovered different ways of storytelling, and video especially helped them to reach and engage their audience. This new found strategy enabled the brand to amplify its position to predict industry trends, and was achieved by combining including events, web and social, according to Yang.

Now, the brand is thriving across platforms, and has even established relationships with local TV channels to broadcast Global Views Monthly content. It’s clear that the brand’s decision to go multi-platform and its new position as an industry thought leader is no coincidence.

GVM TV partnership ()

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