Cross-platform magazine advertising grows 6% in US

US magazine brands saw combined ad unit sales for print and tablet products grow 6 per cent in 2013.
According to a joint study by Kantar Media and MPA, the Association for Magazine Media, it was predominantly tablet advertising that fuelled the growth.
Measuring 69 publications with both print and tablet products, the report found tablet unit sales increased 16% year-on-year.
Print ad pages recorded a slight rise of 0.1% for the selected titles in 2013. 
Mary Berner, President and CEO of the MPA, said: “These numbers prove, once again, that this business is about powerful, relevant and enduring brands.
“Despite erroneous, lemming-like coverage of declines, magazine media, has not, in fact, ever had an audience problem, and it is gratifying to see that advertisers are increasingly realising that.”
A similar MPA study released in the first part of 2013, which tracked only iPad ad unit sales, found that they were up 24.5% during the first six months compared to the same period a year earlier.

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