Distributing and marketing digital content discussed at FIPP Ibero American conference

Today at FIPP’s Ibero-American conference in São Paulo, Brazil, representatives from Magzter and PressReader presented their thoughts on the future of digital newsstands, and the developments concerning the distribution and marketing of digital content.
Girish Ramdas (pictured), CEO, Magzter, USA, talked about the boom in mobile devices (there will be 2,250,000,000 smart devices in use by 2017), and said that this growth has helped Magzter to grow from 6.5m users to 21m users in 18 months. “People with smart devices want to read, email and play games, we bring bring them engaging content and books too,” he said. 
Ramdas discussed new developments concerning the Magzter newsstand including a new HTML5 editing tool (Magfly), which enables interactive and innovative functionality including video, panoramic views, in-app ecommerce and interactive advertising. “We believe we can monetise, give value and distribute more,” he said.
Ramdas stressed the importance for media owners to reach new audiences and give their audiences more opportunity to read on digital devices. “We help media owners give their audiences more to read on these devices,” he said.
Magzter’s global reach already includes Portuguese language magazines from Portugal, but Ramdas said he believes that Brazil is a future market for mobile and tablet devices.
Nikolay Malyarov, EVP and chief content officer at PressReader, Canada, said that digital newsstands today look very different, and that PressReader’s aim is to help media owners increase the discoverability of content and put the customer at the centre of their businesses. 
Malayrov talked of the “new intelligent news reader,” who is consuming content 24/7 and using  different devices depending on the time of day. “Media owners need to capitalise on that,” he said. “Reading behaviour has changes, and audiences want one container for the whole universe of content.”

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