Download the FIPP Insider Milan and Madrid speaker presentations

Please note that we will ONLY share those presentations we have been given permission to share by the speakers.

Available presentations are listed below. Any problems/questions? Ask Sylkia.


FIPP Insider Milan Madrid ()


James Hewes, John Schlaefli, FIPP: 8 industry trends from the FIPP World Congress and Digital Innovators’ Summit

Andrew Rolf, Innovation Media Consulting: Why only journalism worth paying for will save journalism

Simon Wood, The Stars Group: Media planning for a global brand

Daniella Cerrato, Mondadori Group: Developing new brand channels to build a sustainable media model

Helje Solberg, VGTV, Schibsted: What you need to know – Seven insights about online video

Felipe Romero, The Cocktail Analysis: Trends review 2018 – Los aprendizajes que nos deja el año 2017 (In Spanish)

Rupert Harrow, Rezonence: The internet is broken


FIPP Insider in Milan and Madrid was possible with thanks to our partners Rezonence.

We also want to thank Mondadori Group in Italy; and ARI and Coneqtia in Spain for their priceless welcome and help.


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