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Magazines are accessed and accessible across multiple platforms, a source for trusted content that consumers can depend on, and welcomed as an essential part of the media mix.

Some highlights from this year’s Fact Book include:

• The top 25 print magazines reach more adults and teens than the top 25 primetime TV shows.

• 1,308 Canadian English and French titles were available in 2014, a 36 per cent increase versus 2001.

• 92 per cent of consumers agree that Canadian magazines play a significant role in informing Canadians about each other.

• Students age 18-24 prefer reading their favourite magazines in print (93 per cent) with reading on websites, smartphones, online-only editions and tablet editions following.

• Magazines establish a regular dialogue with key consumers: print magazines are #1 in reaching super influential consumers.

• 81 per cent of consumers have bought an item or visited a place after reading about it in a magazine.

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