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Some highlights from this year’s Fact Book include:

Digital magazine readership in Canada increased dramatically from 1.85m readers in 2013 to nearly 5m in 2015.

Media audiences rated magazine websites as having the best (rated 3.3 out of 5) advertising experience compared to other websites. In addition, website users claim that magazine website ads (54 per cent) attract the most attention.

Readers’ motivation for consuming magazine media websites is mainly driven by their desire for updated information (77 per cent), rich media (47 per cent) and quality of information (45 per cent).

71 per cent of magazine readers trust the magazine’s website as much as the magazine itself. 72 per cent feel that the information in a magazine and its internet site truly complement one another.

Advertising on magazine websites was rated least annoying (41 per cent) versus other media websites.

83 per cent of those who visited a magazine website went to an advertiser’s website after the ad caught their attention. 53 per cent recommended a brand and 51 per cent purchase the product after seeing the ad.

25 per cent of magazine readers in Canada read digital-only magazines. 75 per cent read both printed and digital magazines.

Source: Magazines Canada

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