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Since its inception, the Global Digital Subscription Snapshot has served as a celebration of the success achieved by publishers in finding new revenue streams and expanding audiences paying for high-quality, curated content in the digital era. In this report, we continue to do so but have to acknowledge the extraordinary circumstances contributing to success at the moment.

The extreme limitations imposed on the ways and means in which people can spend their time and money has translated into a surge in people consuming more content online. Interestingly, it has also highlighted the role that high-quality content has to play in people’s lives. While we expect behaviour patterns to shift again once the pandemic recedes, the current situation does provide an unprecedented opportunity for publishers and streaming services to connect with, engage and nurture new audiences.

The increased use of video streaming services has been widely reported in recent weeks. Since February alone, Disney+ has added 20 million new subscribers taking its subscriber base to 50 million. On the back of this, the company is close to hitting subscription targets it originally set for 2024.


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While publishers are yet to release digital subscription figures which shows their performance since lockdowns started, internet traffic numbers hint that local news publishers might be the biggest beneficiaries of changing internet behaviour. A report by the New York Times has shown that local news publishers have seen record increases in traffic, some up as much as 150% as people seek out authoritative news about the impact of the Coronavirus in their local communities.

Join us as we explore these fascinating shifts in behaviour in the latest edition of the Global Digital Subscription Snapshot, made possible with the support CeleraOne.

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