Europe: EMS Europe 2014: Rich. Connected. International. The European Affluent.

Ipsos’ European Media and Marketing Survey (EMS) measures both international media and national media, TV, print and websites, offering an in-depth view of media usage among Europe’s affluent target groups.
According to a report in Publicitas’ Media News, affluents in Latin America are more disposed than their European counterparts to own multiple digital devices – with 41% claiming to do so. Turkey leads the way in Europe when it comes to Smartphone ownership, with 84% owning one – 37% of Turks have all three devices. The Netherlands leads in ownership of Tablets, at 54%.
These and other findings come from Ipsos’s latest EMS survey of Europe’s Affluent population published 11 June 2014 and part of a worldwide series covering more than fifty countries.
Among other findings:
  • Nine out of ten (91%) agree that ‘gaining knowledge and becoming better informed’ is a key priority for them, highlighting the continuing importance media play in their lives;
  • Just under a third of Affluent Europeans
  • (27%) read international publications to help them stay abreast of things.
  • More than eight out of ten (82%) watch international television channels on a monthly basis.
According to Nathalie Sodeike, managing director of Ipsos MediaCT in the Netherlands reported in Media News: “It is a fact that reading print and watching TV still make up a large proportion of upscale media consumption, but at the same time these affluent consumers are leading the way for digital adoption, whether in the office, at home or when travelling on business or for pleasure.
Every year we see digital technology play a larger and larger role in the media consumption of Europe’s affluent population. The latest release of EMS gives the most detailed picture yet of how mobile and tablet – apps and sites fit together with the introduction of daily and weekly digital reach, next to the existing monthly reach.”
The study also highlights the continuing popularity of social media sites. 43% of Affluents (broadly-speaking, the richest eighth of the population measured by personal income) say they check social media sites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter several times a day. Almost three quarters have visited one or other of these sites in the past month.

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