Evolving mobile advertising: new research shows creative formats work best

Please give us an outline of your recent research project (0:03)

The research itself was called The Format Effect – Part 1. It was a joint partnership between Publicitas and the Honour Smartphone brand. It was really all about trying to establish the effects of interactive mobile advertising formats, versus standard formats like interstitials. And what we did in the research is we had a series of very specific hypothesis that we wanted to test.  

What’s special about interactive advertising formats? (0:32)

Interactive mobile ad formats are more engaging, they deliver a point of difference that standard interstitials don’t deliver. And also they create an emotional connection with the consumer, which standard mobile advertising formats also don’t deliver. 

And what did your research reveal? (0:52)

Ultimately the big challenge for any advertiser is to try and encourage consideration and action. And when you look at the results among those exposed to interactive advertising formats, they were 32 per cent more likely to go ahead and take action and consider purchasing, compared to those who were exposed to standard interstitials. So I think that was the main finding. In addition to that they were considered more enjoyable and also different compared to other standard advertising formats as well.

What will you do with the results next? (1:23)

The next stage is to go out and present the findings to our advertising and agency partners, because they really do demonstrate that creative mobile advertising formats work. And this is a service that we provide our advertising partners. We’ll also be compiling a whitepaper of the key results as well, and the final point to make is that this is part one of a 2-stage piece of research and part two is going to involve video. 

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