Expanding your content’s reach In a post-print era

Here, Folio talks with Wired’s associate publisher, Doug Grinspan, about how his brand is getting the most out of every platform.

Folio: In what ways are multi-platforms impacting distribution and scale?

Grinspan: Maintaining focus and success within all of the Wired channels takes effort, discipline and a keen understanding of the vernacular and dialog that works best for each. Social mediums, for instance, might be exposed most reliably with text, image or staccato-shot video, but all of this titrates down to both having a trusted editorial staff who speaks the language of the medium and a trusting audience that has an appetite to consume their content in that chosen medium. All of this occurs in a mix of intent and accident, trial and error, reaction and challenge. When this really starts to hum and medium-focused work becomes medley-expansive work, you have a big problem statement on your hands: how to capture attention with regard for message, mode and medium.

Notably, this is the only question we are looking to answer. Having and embracing over 60m touch points across print, digital, social and mobile makes it easier to experiment and get it right at scale. Seems to be working as February saw our largest omnichannel audience in Wired’s history.

Folio: How are you packaging integrated deals for advertisers across channels?

Grinspan: While we receive our share of media-only requests, all of which now take advantage of our newly launched and ReWIRED Web experience, over 30 percent of our client programs contain an integrated element. Last month, Wired secured our largest such deal ever: working with Nokia to build a year long media, content and event schedule focusing on a new#maketechhuman initiative. This created a unique and exciting challenge for Wired to dive into the conversation surrounding the excitement and fears of a more technologically reliant future—as only Wired can elucidate.

Encompassing structured components ranging from a Reddit AMA to a custom social aggregator and digital hub, from an event series across TED and Wired’s own Business Conference to short form narrative and longer form documentary video, from supportive print inclusions to rich media solutions across screens, our marketing and revenue leadership leaned into the full coterie of Wired extensions—deftly and deliberately. It’s been over 20 years since our Hotwired predecessors created the first banner ad and to create such groundbreaking work today is a testament to that early lesson: seize the next medium…seek a lasting impression.

Source: foliomag.com

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