eZ Systems platform discussed at FIPP WMM

Stuart Wilkinson, global manager, media publishing, eZ Systems, today presented 10 technology systems you should have, if not now, on your roadmap at FIPP’s WMM in London.
“Everything’s got very complex, we need to see how to manage content, in the context that they use that content. You can’t control the users, they control us. The power pyramid is turned upside down”, said Wilkinson.
“Magazine content is a serendipitous experience. Tablets provide an enjoyable lean back and tactile experience. Technology enabling economies of scale are winning the race. If you don’t compete you can’t win. A socially integrated site IS content in context. The stories today are evolving. You’re losing audience at that point. Why not consider other ways of reaching social media.”
Wilkinson explained how the eZ Systems platform puts editors, readers and content on the in-context roadmap and enables the full-life cycle of content in context within digital businesses.

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