Facebook announces expansion of ad formats in the Audience Network

Since launching last year, the Audience Network has provided publishers and developers with ad units backed by Facebook‘s two million advertisers. The company recently announced a significant expansion of ad types and formats available in the Audience Network which aim to provide better outcomes for advertisers, apps and customers.

They are opening up their best performing ad units, including auto-play video and carousel ads, to other developers under the ad program.

Audience Network will offer publishers the chance to upgrade to the latest Software Development Kit and utilise the new MediaView through which they can bring the autoplay video ads experience from Facebook directly to their apps. Video demand will also compete with native display in the same auction to maximise yield for each impression served.

Via a server-side change, they will show click-to-play video ads from Mobile App Install advertisers in full screen interstitials.

Through the format of Carousel Ads, advertisers will be able to show multiple ads in a single view that people can scroll through. This experience is very similar to H-Scroll, however all ads are from a single advertisers instead of multiple advertisers.

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Source: exchange4media.com

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