Printing technology stories: Falkemedia on licensing and syndication today

We spoke to Tino Cennamo, who has previous experience with equally tech-focussed publisher, Future, about the growth of technology, the endurance of print, and the emergence of global licensing and syndication in the digital sphere. 

Please tell us a little bit about the business (0:03)

Our brand specialises in technology, amongst which Mac Life is the most famous, in Germany. Then we also have brands in the photography market, in food, and in music production. The company is based in Kiel, near Hamburg, and having set up in the 1970’s we are well known in the German market.

How are you planning to expand in the global market? (0:41)

We are looking to expand our brand internationally, licensing our magazines on special syndication and licensing relationships, but also to have partnerships with other partners mainly into the digital business. 

Is print still popular in Germany or has digital taken over? (1:18)

In Germany the print business is still a good one, and people love to read print and magazines, still! Regardless of what has been told about the digital advance into the public. So yes, tech especially is one topic that people still like to read and we look forward to having more publications in print. But, are also looking forward to our future in the digital business as well.

Our properties online are giving some interesting traffic figures, both on the traditional web and in mobile. So we are very happy about the progress we are making with our digital properties as well. 

And which is easier to license – print or digital? (2:18)

I would say that licensing print and digital is the same thing basically! It depends on who you are talking to, it depends on who your partner is. Normally licensing has been known in the print business, where it traditionally started. Digital is coming up in the last few years and still has space to grow – it’s sometimes a little bit more difficult because it needs investment in capital, so investment in technology, but I can see that the digital proposition is more interesting more and more every year. 

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