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Snapshot: Five issues focusing the minds of media execs in 2018

The Digital Innovators' Summit is just days away now. You can still buy tickets for the event in Berlin next week, but you'll have to be quick.

As always DIS boasts an incredible line up of speakers. You will hear how established titles are re-inventing themselves, learn the secrets of startups that are building large ecommerce driven empires and hear from experts on data, visual search and a whole lot more.

Here though is a sample with five topics that are training the minds of media execs at the current time and are sure to feature prominently at the conference. 

Reader revenues

Whether it is disenchantment with the advertising industry or the increased demand for quality news sparked by the uncertain political climate, reader revenues are very much back on the agenda for publishers as will be demonstrated with the launch of FIPP and Innovation Media’s Innovation World Report 2018/19. And while subscriptions and membership schemes are flourishing, they are only part of the picture. At DIS representatives from Bild in Germany, Business Insider from the US and Dennis in the UK explain how they have discovered new ways to monetise their audiences. Also learn about a Slovakian news brand created after 50 journalists quit their jobs and is now, three years later, a profitable operation on the back of subs. 

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The Fake versus The Credible

Over the past few years fake news has presented both media owners and politicians with all kinds of problems. Social networks now seem to acknowledge that there is an issue but should media companies rely on the likes of Facebook and Twitter to police themselves? At DIS you can hear from figures who believe that the way to tackle fake news is by using technology, while others will talk about how they are prioritising quality over quantity and/or differentiating their brands, in order to stand out from the crowd.

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Platforms – existing and emerging

Are the days in which publishers rely on social media as a significant traffic source coming to an end? At DIS we hear from media companies who are looking to a post-social future, alongside startups who have created significant businesses through social platforms and how FB newsfeed changes are impacting them. We will also hear from FB in a session jointly presented with Spiegel Online. Last but not least following Amazon in 2017, Google will be at DIS2018 to present their take on Voice as an emerging platform in a deep-dive titled “Storytelling on voice-enabled devices”. 

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Perhaps the most hyped technology of the last few years, blockchain has been cited as the answer to myriad problems in industries as diverse as banking through to healthcare. What though is its likely impact on the media? At DIS we will hear from a startup called Civil, which is harnessing Blockchain to create a new generation of media properties. There's also a view from an established publisher in Burda whose CTO explains what type of impact it could potentially have on advertising, micropayments and more.

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Artificial intelligence

Many of the stories about the impact on AI on publishing tend to focus on the negative with headlines about how bots could replace journalists and lead to the commoditisation of the media and bland content. At DIS several speakers will be explaining why they feel AI represents an opportunity, not just for publishers, but also for journalists. In harnessing AI to do mundane tasks publishers will not only have a better understanding of data, but can also deploy their staff in more creative ways. Among those speaking are Linda Ligios, managing editor, Springwise Intelligence, UK who explains how AI is transforming other industries and what the possibilities are for media companies (delegates will also get a free Springwise report on the topic).

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For more on themes and topics that will be covered at DIS, see the agenda.

***Registration for DIS 2018 (19-20 March in Berlin) is about to close. Secure your place here***

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