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Time Inc. launches Adapt, new native video tool

Time Inc. recently launched Adapt Video, a proprietary video advertising tool in partnership with Google. The new tool will deliver outstream video ads across Time Inc.'s owned and operated properties, allowing the company to build flexible and scalable ad solutions.

"The demand for video ad solutions is going to continue to increase so this is a big investment opportunity for Time Inc.," according to Ashley Allen, director of ad solutions and products at Time Inc. "Our partnership with Google to increase our video ad inventory is an important focus right now."

The Adapt unit provides a flexible framework for scaling premium video advertising, Allen explained. "The unit adapts to different content layouts and device types across our properties and delivers a full-width and engaging experience; it also accepts standard video ad serving tags, making it easier to scale advertising campaigns," she said.

"We built custom code to deliver through the Native product," Allen explained. "We are able to control how it renders and where it shows up through DFP ad serving."


In an era when brands are questioning where their ads appear - next to content that might not work contextually or in line with a brand's culture or values - it's important to Time Inc. that Adapt offers a brand-safe environment for advertisers.  "Time Inc.’s brand-safe environments are an important point of difference in the marketplace. Whether you’re working with People or Sports Illustrated, TIME or Travel + Leisure, advertisers come to Time Inc. for our safe and trusted environments," Allen said.

Into the future, Allen suggested Time Inc. is constantly trying to optimise ad experiences to align with user behaviour and focusing on building user-friendly and integrated ad experiences that leverage the power of their trusted brands and provide audiences with engaging experiences.

For publishers looking to follow Time Inc.'s lead, Allen offers the following advice: "Adapt was a custom build that required a lot of in-house development resources," she said. "Having those internal resources allows publishers to control and own the product independent of vendors, but publishers should be prepared to support the product in the long-term."

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