FIPP enters brand partnership with PressReader

FIPP is always looking to bring the best to its members and this strategic partnership is just another example of its forward-thinking and member-centric approach. PressReader constantly rethinks and optimises content distribution, as well as innovates around monetisation. It connects people through content by offering an all-you-can-read model, a model successfully adopted by music, video and book industries. Furthermore, PressReader’s services offer scale and reach – to date, they have worked with thousands of magazine and newspaper publishers, distributing their content to more than 30 million readers who uses the service on an individual basis, at libraries, while staying at hotels, sitting at cafés, on cruise ships or in airlines lounges.
As a result of the partnership, FIPP members will benefit from a complimentary access to PressReader’s digital newsstand. This service is offered to all FIPP members and it is available across all platforms including web, iOS, Android, Android for Amazon, Windows 8 and BlackBerry 10.
PressReader also offers its technology to partners for their own digital editions, and is currently working with FIPP to produce the digital editions of its Insight publications, including World Magazine Trends, Digital Factbook, Innovations in Magazine Media World Report and Proof of Performance. From 2015, it will also publish the digital edition of FIPP’s flagship bi-monthly title, Magazine World.
With this partnership, FIPP members can take advantage of PressReader’s distribution and monetisation solutions, while benefiting from the PressReader Technology which currently powers thousands of branded digital editions. FIPP members will be able to take advantage of PressReader’s global reach, experience, wealth of knowledge and best practices to succeed in the digital space. 
Chris Llewellyn, president and CEO, FIPP, said: “FIPP’s brand partnership with PressReader will enable our members to access thousands of titles from all over the world, at the touch of a button. Part of FIPP’s remit is to help its members grow their businesses by identifying and communicating emerging trends and sharing knowledge, and our collaboration with PressReader allows FIPP’s members a unique opportunity to examine how to extend their global reach and monetise their magazine brands.”
“We are excited to partner with FIPP – an association committed to bettering our industry and bringing companies and individuals together to improve overall performance and results. We look forward to working with FIPP and its global members, and developing growing and sustainable revenue generating publishing and distribution solutions,” said Nikolay Malyarov, chief content officer and general counsel at PressReader. “We are confident that bringing our expertise and experience together with FIPP’s members will create dynamic, successful solutions.”

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