FIPP Insider Podcast Episode 2: The next decade in media


FIPP Insider podcast ep 2 ()



Representing the technology strand we speak to Sören Karlsson from United Robots, a Swedish technology company, which uses a combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Generation (NLG) to automate content production. 

United Robots provides automated editorial services to the majority of Swedish local media groups, including the country’s largest news site Aftonbladet. We speak to Sören about what this means for the media industry – and how his robots are complementary to journalists and not replacing them.

Delving deep into the future of media business are Mark Maddox from Vida Media and Lucy Kueng, a professor, author and respected authority on strategy, innovation and leadership in the media, with a focus on the impact of digitalisation.

Vida Media is a specialist startup studio, growing next-generation media brands, and Mark talks about what the future of what media start-ups looks like. On the other end of the spectrum, Lucy discusses venture backed media, such as Vice and BuzzFeed, explaining why they didn’t meet expectations of their backers and how they are having to pivot their business models to survive.

Finally, we speak to Rachel Arthur founder of Boom Saloon and one of the FIPP Rising Stars Award winners. Boom saloon is a printed magazine, that aims to “democratise creativity for good”, which Rachel runs alongside Boom Project, an ongoing series of community-led projects which use creativity to inspire and empower people in underprivileged areas. Both are funded by Boom Room, creative studios that design editorial strategies for clients all around the world. Rachel speaks to FIPP insider about how the culture of millennials and Gen Z is shaping media – some of her insights are quite surprising. 

We hope you enjoy listening!


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