The five types of millennials to engage with according to Bauer study

The Millennials Chapter is an in-depth insight based on an ongoing year long study into the UK’s 15.8 million young people. It is the first in a series of in-depth studies into key audiences. 

Findings include the identification of five different types of millennials which will help brands and advertisers engage with in new and more tailored ways. 

The five types are:

  1. Influencers who have their voice and like it to be heard – especially online
  2. Adopters use knowledge and appearance to stand out
  3. Apprentices who are younger and focussed on self-progression rather than keeping up with trends
  4. The entertained, in the older bracket and more likely to be parents and looking to media brands primarily for entertainment
  5. The contented who are satisfied with life and not casing the latest trends

Overall, millennials are impacted by the post recession economy and the digital world, leading to a rise of resilience and flexibility within the age group. They are also expert knowledge-gatherers, happily using shallow knowledge to keep up  as well as deep or niche knowledge to stand out and bond. 

The Millennials Chapter is a content partnership between Bauer and The Drum. 

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