Flipboard turns to QR codes to encourage you to read on the web

While QR codes may feel a little passé to some in 2015, this is what Flipboard is using to ease the friction between reading on smartphones and PCs.

So, let’s say you’re logged in to Flipboard on Android, but you find yourself in front of your laptop craving the big-screen reading experience, all you do is scan the QR code at the bottom of the log-in screen and you’re good to go. Also, anyone who uses Flipboard without an account can use this feature to transfer their saved articles to their desktop browser.

With north of US$160m in funding since its inception in 2010, and more than 100 million users, Flipboard has always been a popular application, and has even won Apple’s coveted iPad app of the year award. But it hasn’t always offered a clear plan for making a huge return on the investments made in it, turning to advertising as its main monetisation conduit and selling brands full-page ads within the app.

Source: VentureBeat

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