Focus on innovation: catnip infused paper

Here’s an idea for your advertisers: if it can work for direct mail it can work for inserts or even magazine paper. Make them purr. 
Ad agency Rethink Canada knows your cats can’t resist the delicious scent of catnip, says psfk, the daily news site that covers innovation across multiple fields, curating and identifying trends. So the agency designed a direct mail flyer that’s covered with catnip concentrate.
To promote Bulk Cat Litter Warehouse, the agency was able to get the flyer directly into the hands of their target audience, all thanks to their furry felines.
See the video on the psfk website to see how the cat of the house is drawn to the pile of direct marketing, snatching up the flyer and fondling every inch of it. With such a direct way of marketing, it is hard for the owner not to take notice of the brand.
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