Forbes announces launch of Forbes France website

The content of will consist of 70 per cent French and European business news, commentary and features, and 30 per cent editorial from Forbes magazines from around the world. 

“We’re so glad to launch in France, the country where the word ‘entrepreneur’ originated,” said Dominique Busso, CEO of 360 BusinessMedia and the Publisher of Forbes France. “Innovation, entrepreneurship, success and culture are part of the French DNA. France is one of the leading European countries as a third of the 500 largest international organisations have headquarters in the Paris area (Île-de-France).”

“We’re excited about Forbes’ expansion into France, starting with the launch of 360BusinessMedia has achieved tremendous success in France, and we’re confident that the group will develop an important presence for Forbes. This launch continues our rapid expansion into Western Europe, which has become a strategic footprint for Forbes,” said Forbes Media chief operating officer, Mike Federle. 

Forbes currently has 36 licensed local editions around the world.

Forbes is a member of FIPP.

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