Forbes announces new BrandVoice increase guarantee for marketers

For each eligible marketer, Forbes will commission a third party research partner (of the choice of the marketer) to conduct a study to measure and evaluate the marketer’s campaign across various metrics, including brand awareness, brand favourability, message association and purchase intent.

“Marketers are looking for more proof that content marketing will help with brand lift, so we’re offering a guarantee to help further incentivise brands to buy BrandVoice and to help them feel confident in their purchase,” said Ann Marinovich, vice president, advertising products and strategy at Forbes Media. “We have findings from a study that show that the combination of branded content and display advertising is very powerful.”

In 2013, Forbes and IPG Media Labs conducted a study among 2,259 participants on about the value of branded content. The study showed that branded content has greater impact for building brand lift than display advertising; however, the most effective combination for driving brand lift is branded content with display advertising. When consumers saw branded content that was paired with a display ad from the same brand, they were more likely to recall the brand than if they had looked at a page that had branded content with no display ad at all.

Forbes has offered marketers advertising guarantees in the past. In 2002, Forbes provided the Brand Ad Effectiveness Guarantee to prove to marketers that digital advertising on was an effective way to increase brand lift. “This program was extremely successful, particularly at a time when advertisers pursued more traditional advertising methods. Today, as more and more marketers embrace native advertising, Forbes’ new BrandVoice program – BrandVoice Increase Guarantee – aims to prove to marketers that a mix of native and display ads will help impact a business’ performance,” added Marinovich.

Source: Forbes

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