Four forces reshaping the digital advertising landscape

Now in its 16th year, PwC’s annual Global entertainment and media outlook (Outlook) provides a single comparable source of five-year forecast and five-year historic consumer and advertiser spending data and commentary, for 13 entertainment and and media segments, across 54 countries. 

“Digital” and “traditional” advertising are not mutually exclusive or in competition with each other- but all form part of the evolving mix of advertising options and revenue streams being targeted across the industry.

As the division between online and mobile ads blurs, and consumers’ attitudes to mobile advertising evolve, four forces are reshaping the ads landscape: mobile, video, and native and programmatic advertising.

While media companies must now offer both native and programmatic inventory in their advertising portfolios, the differing timescales and skill-sets of these two types of ads means they need to be managed differently- with management expectations set accordingly.

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