Gardener’s World magazine sees engagement from augmented reality content, using Blippar

The latest edition of BBC Gardener’s World Magazine is an ‘interactive special’ which uses augmented reality provider Blippar to bring its pages to life.
After a successful first interactive issue in January this year (which saw 15 per cent of readers using Blippar, resulting in 200,000 ‘blipps’), the Immediate Media title’s current edition has 48 pieces of interactive content, including 360 degree panoramic views, behind the scenes footage and video tips.
Gardener’s World editor Lucy Hall said: “We have been delighted by the high take-up of this technology. Our readers are certainly no luddites and a subject like gardening is ideal for this sort of technology with the great expertise and advice from the magazine now given an extra dimension with birds singing off the page, butterflies coming to life and our readers’ enjoyment enhanced by expert videos to accompany the text.” 
Stephen Shaw, marketing opportunities director at Blippar, said: “Blippar is a successful storytelling tool but requires engaging digital reader content that can be leveraged by the blipp. It’s clear that both the editorial and art teams have grasped the principles of Blippar and educated their readers well on the evident benefits of blipping. One of the most satisfying aspects of their success is that the Gardeners’ World team have conceived and created their own blipps using our self-service platform Blippbuilder.”

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