The GDPR makes native advertising even more important


Below are highlights from his interview with the Native Advertising Institute, which have been slightly edited for clarity.


Control to the consumers

The new regulations that are coming into play — not only in Europe but most significantly for us here in Europe — the GDPR and the new ePrivacy Directive, will have a massive impact on how we use consumer data to deliver a message.

At the moment, we’ve structured a (USD) 200 billion dollar data brokering industry. And that industry has not been about the consumers.

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The consumers have been cut completely out of that value chain. And I think those regulations will try to deliver some of that control back to consumers. That’s the way it has to go. It has to be about the consumers.

The impact of regulations

With the new regulations, we’re gonna have to have a much more granular consent. We’re gonna have to ask for the permission to speak to consumers. But we have to be very upfront about what we’re asking for.

Currently with the state of the cookies that we’re seeing today — you know you put a big fat cookie on the page and people don’t read it, they just click OK — means that consumers are misinformed about what happens with their data.

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So the change here now is that you as a consumer will have much more information about where and what your data is being used for. And it’s going to make it increasingly hard to get consent because people will be much more informed and much more critical about what they’re actually saying yes to.

Native is the way to go

So for brands, the big impact is that you are going to have to offer something of value to consumers for them to give their consent. And that something of value has to be something more than an ad.

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That’s where the true value of native advertising comes into play. Because you can actually demonstrate how you as a brand, as an expert, have insight that will actually improve people’s lives.

If you can communicate that, you’re going to get that consent.

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