Managing innovation today: face up to your dilemmas; get answers

To succeed your company needs new skills sets and expertise, from content through to engineering, cultural change and effective organisation.

To stay ahead, to be profitable and to retain existing and develop new audiences, your organization needs to be agile, able to innovate and iterate more frequently than ever before and play the field with a variety of strategic approaches.

Innovation can be a catalyst for the growth and success of your business, and help you adapt and grow in the marketplace. 

Being innovative does not mean inventing; innovation can mean changing your business model and adapting to changes in your environment to deliver better products or services. 

Successful innovation should be an in-built part of your business strategy and the strategic vision, where you create an environment and lead in innovative thinking and creative problem solving.

If you’re looking for ways to gain competitive advantage, attend the Executive Programme for Innovation and Change (EPIC) for many of the answers. 

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Unlike other executive management courses, FIPP’s Executive Programme for Innovation and Change has been designed with magazine media leaders in mind and the dilemmas they face today.

EPIC will generate intense debate; provide useful concepts; actionable insights and helpful tools for strategic leadership and innovation, and to progressively elaborate on the individual leadership and development implications. 

During the course of the week you will:

  • Learn how to adapt for tomorrow’s changing demands
  • Find ways in which to nurture innovation within your company
  • Discover new solutions to those problems that are difficult to pin down
  • Enhance your leadership skills
  • Engage with your peers from around the world 

    Click through to see the EPIC timetable for course taking place 6-10 July in Oxford. UK.

    Download the EPIC brochure.

    In conjunction with the Oxford University’s Saïd Business School, EPIC aims to build a better understanding of forces at play, and ways in which to drive your business through this period of mammoth change. 

    EPIC is open only to a selected number of high-level participants. If you are a CEO or a Board member of a small or medium sized enterprise, or a divisional-level executive at larger company, you should attend.

    Don’t miss this year’s opportunity to attend a unique course that will allow you to transform and future-proof your organisation, create and align strategies and manage growth.

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