GfK MRI research shows tablet magazine ads prompt interactivity

According to new research from GfK MRI Starch Digital, more than half of consumers who read a magazine ad on their tablet or e-reader interact with the ad. The research covers more than 30,000 digital ads across 1,000 magazine issues.
The research shows that 55 per cent of digital magazine readers ‘noted’ or read, a digital advertisement on their tablet or e-reader. Among those who noted an ad, 52 per cent took an interactive action as a result. The most common ad interaction was touching or clicking the ad to expand it (38 per cent).
The new release, fielded from 1 April – 30 July 2012, found that 14,230 tablet/e-reader ads contained interactive features.
When viewing a multi-page ad, more than one-third of digital ad readers looked beyond the first page of the ad to view two or more pages. And more than one-third accessed a website via the ad. When an ad featured a video or commercial, 31 per cent of ad readers watched it. Viewing a gallery and downloading an app were actions taken by 30 per cent of ad readers. Other interactions taken by digital ad readers were touching or clicking the ad for more information (27 per cent) and accessing a social network through the ad (24 per cent).

Read more about the GfK MRI study.

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