Global media leaders support FIPP’s new Rising Stars in Media initiative

Entries for FIPP’s new global Rising Stars in Media awards are now open. The aim of the awards is to discover and recognise those individuals – from around the world – under the age of 30 in, or associated with, media companies who are behind developing remarkable initiatives for the industry, their companies and/or brands.

In September 2015, FIPP will release a global Rising Stars in Media list, recognising the top achievers. The top three rising stars will then be invited to attend and speak at the prestigious FIPP World Congress in Toronto, Canada (from 13-15 October), where they will also be presented with their awards.

Following is the reaction of a range of magazine media leaders to news of the FIPP Rising Star in Media Awards.

Duncan Edwards, President and CEO of Hearst Magazines International in the USA said: “I am delighted that FIPP is launching the Rising Stars Awards this year and will be encouraging Hearst companies to enter their best young people.

“Our industry has always been built by the talented people who choose to work in it and competition for this talent has never been greater. It is very important to recognise the amazing work that younger people in our industry do for their companies and to do this in a public way at the FIPP World Congress (in Toronto, Canada from 13-15 October 2015) is a great idea.”

Terry Adamson, of National Geographic Society in the USA, highlighted that today’s rising stars are the people “who will ensure our (the industry’s) future.” Adamson is the chief legal officer of National Geographic Society, where he is always a senior advisor to the president and CEO, head of international publishing and secretary of the board of trustees.

According to Fabrizio D’Angelo, CEO of Burda International in Germany, it has become “a vital challenge” for magazine media companies “to recognise and reward young talent. Bottom up innovation and creativity are often unseen and not encouraged enough. The FIPP Rising Stars Awards is a wonderful initiative to discover the treasures in our industry worldwide, and through the recognition help accelerate change.”

Svida Alisjahbana, president and CEO of the Femina Group in Indonesia, was suitably excited: “Wow! That is a great initiative! It an ever faster changing media landscape, we need ideas and execution to evolve even faster than before. This award will allow us to celebrate ideas and the people behind implementing them. I am looking forward to see the lineup of new talent!”

Barry McIlheney, CEO of PPA (UK publishers association), said: “New talent is the lifeblood of our industry. The FIPP Rising Stars rightly puts the names of tomorrow in the spotlight here and now.”

Yolanda Ausín, director general of ARI (the Spanish publishers association) highlighted not only the work being done by people under 30 and magazine media organisations, but also the fact that they “understand what other millennials want and need.” Moreover, “they are creative and resourceful enough to provide” in those wants and needs.

The Rising Stars in Media have “no legacy factors holding them back” and Ausín believes it is a timely and important initiative “to recognise the work they do and to promote it” to the world. “This is a great FIPP initiative. It will have everyone talking and I believe we may well uncover the future leaders of this industry” here.

“We live in a new world where the gadgets we use on a daily basis did not even exist ten years ago. Millennials were born into this new world of constant technological change, and they are dictating the rules for the future. To better meet the needs of this market, we have to listen to them more. They are proving to be very well equipped and ready to offer great ideas, and deliver results. We should recognise their work and their potential, so I highly encourage participation in this initiative so that we can celebrate the best Rising Stars in Media.”

David Hill, retired former FIPP chairman and former president, IDG Communications in the USA, was equally encouraged. “Great idea! We need to acknowledge the talented people in our industry who have grown up thinking digitally.”

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