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The DIS takes place in Berlin, Germany on 23-24 March. 

Talking about Google’s participation, Gerrit Rabenstein, head of strategic partnerships – news and magazines, DACH, says Google House offers “a series of tangible experiences that bring our vision of the immediate future to life. In each, we show how publishing content and future technologies can work together and profit from each other. 

“It is also about how media and content are consumed and ways new technologies and devices can change our daily lives. In this respect, Google House makes the many possibilities tangible by providing not just a glimpse but a vision of the future.”

Asked about the technologies attendees will experience in Google House, Rubenstein explained: “Google House aims to show how the deployment of devices, services and apps can make work easier, provide useful information and be fun. 

“A special focus will be on the functions offered by mobile devices. Many people have no idea of the universe of opportunities that are available to them through the smartphone today. These will be demonstrated in an interactive way. We want to do our best to make sure the visitors to Google House leave not just with information but also an Aha! moment.” 

Google are regular DIS participants with speakers and as part of the expo. 

“We feel at home wherever there is digital innovation. The DIS is a good opportunity for us to get in direct contact with publishers and industry leaders to exchange views and ideas,” says Rabenstein. “As a special treat” in 2015, Google House will provide delegates “with a sense of what we see for the future, we will be offering an exclusive hands-on experience with Google House.”

As part of the DIS speaker programme, Google’s senior director for news and social products, Richard Gingras, will [also] share his thoughts at the DIS “on how publishers can innovate and thrive in times of dramatic change.” [Read the DIS Q&A with Gingras here].

Join Google House and some 600 media executives from around the world in Berlin.

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