GroupM releases State of Video report

The report is authored by chief digital officer, Rob Norman, futures director, Adam Smith and a host of contributors from across the globe. 

The State of Video covers consumption trends across generations, emerging business issues and evolving TV industry economics; data application and addressability in linear and over-the-top TV platforms; live sports and appointment viewing trends; video competition between legacy players and new digital entrants; highlights of the dominant online video market in China; and global measurement issues that must be addressed to understand audiences in cross-screen environments.

To whet your appetite, here’s an extract from GroupM’s introduction to the report:

The video landscape around the world is unrecognisable from how it was just a decade ago. Within 90 days during late 2006, Google acquired YouTube, Apple announced the iPhone and Netflix launched its streaming service, now in 90 million homes around the world. These three events, with the arrival of the personal video recorder (or digital video recorder, DVR) in 1999, are all catalysts of change even greater than the stuttering transition from black and white to color that started 65 years ago…

The video experience has changed in almost every way and for many is no longer constrained by schedules, location, devices or a narrow choice of content. We live in a world of abundance which democratises creation, atomises audiences and fragments attention.

GroupM The State of Video report ()

Download the report here.

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