Heads in the sand is not a digital media strategy

These are some of the reasons why FIPP and VDZ’s Digital Innovators’ Summit, 19-20 March 2018, is the one media event in Europe in 2018 you should attend.


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Not yet convinced? Consider these 5 points.

Digital media grows up

2017 has been a year where realism kicked in for many digital media companies. BuzzFeed and Vice missed revenue targets, while Mashable was sold for a fraction of what it was once worth a mere year before. The pivot to video turned out to be more buzz than a sustainable model. Platforms appeared in full charge. Hear what people like Troy Young, Global President, Hearst Digital Media, Andreas Wiele, Member of the Board, Axel Springer, Germany, and Vivian Schiller, Editor in Chief at Weber Shandwick and Director of the Scott Trust, and others how have to say.

Ignorance is not a strategy

Despite setbacks, digital media innovation continued apace with hot areas including Artificial Intelligence, Voice, Blockchain, AR, VR and more. Get innovation insights from Francesco Marconi, Strategy Manager and AI Co-lead, The Associated Press, Jenny Griffiths, Founder and Software Engineer, Snap Tech, Hans-Christian Boos, Founder and CEO, Arago, Ingo Rübe, Chief Technology Officer, Burda, Luca Forlin, Head of Strategic Partnerships: International News and Publishing, Google, Matt Monahan, Head of Sales and Product, Arc Project, The Washington Post, and more.

Making new business and pivots work

Whether through the launch of new enterprises, or major pivots to transform existing brands into something new, there are many ways to make business work. Hear from Gary Liu, South China Morning Post, Melissa Rosenthal, Executive Vice-President, Cheddar Inc., Pauli Aalto-Setälä, CEO, Aller Media Oy, Helje Solberg, CEO and Editor-in-Chief, VGTV, Schibsted, Kevin Turpin, President, National Journal, Atlantic Media, Daniel Sieberg, Co-founder and Head of Journalism Operations, Civil, Matt Egan, Editorial Director: USA and UK, IDG, and more. 

Getting up close and personal (in a non-creepy way)

From bots to Slack groups, from fresh approaches to journalism to the employment of new tools, from listening to showing, getting close and personal with the audience remains paramount. Hear from of Maureen Hoch, Acting Editor, HBR.org, Harvard Business Review, Molly Miller, Chief Content Officer, ALM Media, Hannah Ray, Head of Visual Storytelling and Social Strategy, Condé Nast International, Jenny Woods, Head of Social Media Listening, BBC, Lucy Rohr, Snapchat Editor, The Economist, and more at DIS.

Money makes the world go round

With digital advertising dominated by the so-called duopoly of Google and Facebook, the importance of reader revenue is firmly (some might say, back) in the spotlight. Hear more on monetisation strategies from speakers including Stefan Betzold, MD, BILD Group, Greg Piechota, Research Fellow, Oxford University, and Research Associate, Harvard Business School, Tomas Bella, Executive Board Member and Head of Online Activities, Dennik N, Kerstin Schiefelbein, CEO, Visual Statements, Breton Fischetti, Senior Director of Commerce, Business Insider, and more.


Need even more inspiration?

Take a look at the preliminary agenda – here for Day 1 and here for Day 2 – to see what else there will be to learn, talk about and share at DIS2018.

And for more information on DIS overall, visit us at innovators-summit.com.

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FIPP and VDZ’s 11th Digital Innovators’ Summit takes place on 19 and 20 March.


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