Hearst announces launch of trend detector

Buzzing@Hearst is an extension of MediaOS, Hearst’s proprietary analytics-driven content distribution platform. Buzzing monitors thousands of active articles across Hearst’s digital ecosystem, including newspapers, magazines and television channels, and provides information about trending articles that editors can curate for their sites. Marketers are then able to serve up ads on pages that are receiving the most audience engagement. 

Linked directly to DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP), Buzzing allows for a direct data connection between Hearst’s editors and digital sales teams, offering an opportunity for premium programmatic ad sales on trending pages. Advertisers’ content can then be served alongside Hearst’s editorial content that is demonstrating the highest levels of engagement at any given moment.

“Harnessing the power of data science to recognise and instantly integrate trending stories with targeted ads signifies a groundbreaking solution for Hearst and our brand partners,” said Phil Wiser, chief technology officer, Hearst. “Buzzing@Hearst demonstrates a new model for publishers and advertisers looking to deliver a user experience that keeps readers and customers engaged and coming back.”

Buzzing@Hearst looks at hundreds of signals, refreshed every 90 seconds, to create a “Buzzing Score” of 1-20, a rating assigned to every article to determine its popularity and interest among Hearst’s 350 million unique visitors. Buzzing scores are reflective of a variety of factors, giving advertisers an opportunity to advertise on pages based on everything from audience engagement to social engagement, in addition to other metrics.

By integrating Buzzing@Hearst on every editor’s dashboard, Hearst is able to constantly monitor for trending articles with the highest Buzzing Scores and curate content relevant to their publication. It also allows editors to receive instant feedback from readers and develop content more likely to resonate with audiences. Recently, for example, a piece that appeared on ELLE UK about Kate Middleton breaking the Queen’s dress code received a high Buzzing Score and, as a result, was curated to also appear on U.S.-based Hearst sites. Armed with these insights, advertisers now have a window into the best performing channels and can use this feedback to target the right audiences with the right message.

“We are thrilled to offer a dynamic means for marketers to tap into hundreds of real-time signals we receive through Buzzing,” said Julie Clark, vice president of sales and strategy, Hearst Core Audience. “From social signals to time spent on site and understanding current trends—we give clients a front row seat to what’s hot right now. The marriage of data driven marketing with premium content is a reality at Hearst.”

Hearst is a member of FIPP.

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