Hearst Magazines in China: Winning audiences via live events and social media

Lena Yang ()

“Our duty as publishers,” she said, “is to remain innovative.” 

Yang spoke about creating values on top of content and how doing so has allowed ELLE has to grow in China. “What can we bring through our identity?” she asked.

By bringing in events like the ELLE Style Awards and the ELLE Modernsky Music Festival and campaigns and products like Run as ELLE and the ELLE credit card the brand has reached a wider audience than ever before.

The ELLE credit card, which is not a discount card, is in the wallets of over two million people.

To engage audiences, ELLE has tried to move beyond delivering information and instead begin to provide experience, shown through the events they’ve held. The company has begun to combine their focus – fashion – with music, sport and film to appeal to more, younger, people who are interested in the stylish fitness field and other areas that cross fashion.

“Fashion is a dream,” Yang said – and it lends well to creating the excitement that Millennials are looking for.

Digital revenue was about 15 per cent last year and events is at 10 per cent so far this year.

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