Here’s how Google gives publishers a 100 per cent viewable ad option

The publisher IDG Communications, which is behind sites including PCWorld and MacWorld, can serve the guaranteed impressions using a new capability in Google’s DoubleClick product called vCPMs — the “v” stands for viewable and CPM is the cost per thousand ad impressions.

Google introduced the DoubleClick feature at the end of September, and IDG was among the partners of the limited launch.

“Right now, there are three big topics: viewability, fraud and ad blocking,” said Peter Longo, CEO of US media at IDG Communications. “Publishers are dealing with all of them.”

Google’s viewability guarantee works like this: It forecasts when an impression is absolutely viewable, meaning it’s not sitting at the top of a page when a user has scrolled to the bottom or it’s not playing on one tab when a user is in another. Google’s technology automates the process of delivering full viewability to advertisers that are willing to pay a premium for the guarantee.

The ads come with a 30 per cent higher price, Longo said.

Industry standards say that ads are considered viewed if 50 per cent of the pixels are on screen for at least a second, and at least two seconds for video ads.

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Source: Digiday

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