How Bloomberg maximises and monetises its content

Dan will be revealing Bloomberg’s approach to use existing content and infrastructure to create new revenue streams in the following areas:


Syndication is the business of licensing branded content to third party properties. At Bloomberg we license content to newspapers, digital publishers, blogs, trade publications, broadcasters, and more, reaching over 1,000 publications worldwide. With the proliferation of content-centric websites, magazine brands more than ever have an opportunity to provide value to licensees through syndication. Premium content should enable the licensee publisher to sell advertising at higher rates and drive revenue both ways. Keys to successful syndication are numerous, and include a skilled sales team, collaboration with editorial to create assets that meet market demands, and a flexible yet consistent downstream delivery infrastructure. Dan will discuss all of these elements using Bloomberg’s global syndication business for examples. 

Brand licensing

Brand licensing has been a strategy in the magazine business for many years. In our context, Bloomberg partners with local media companies to create local language editions of Bloomberg Businessweek magazine in six non-US territories. We will discuss what this accomplishes within our overall corporate strategy then describe how Bloomberg also takes the concept to another, logical level, where we have created local licensed versions of our TV channel and our website. 


Bloomberg works with third parties “resellers” to monetise content in specialised markets such as reprints and permissions, interview licensing, library licensing, and copyright payments. Dan will describe each of these channels in detail.

Bloomberg is just one of many companies forming part of FIPP’s New York MediaTour on 12-14 October 2016.

Other companies already confirmed on the programme include:

  • Facebook
  • Forbes
  • Huffington Post
  • IBT Media/Newsweek
  • NewsCorp
  • Twitter 

…with many more to follow in the coming weeks… 

New York Tour ()

The Tour is almost full, so if you want to join fellow media executives from around the world who have already decided to be there in NYC to learn about the latest revenue, content and technological innovations, then you need to act fast!

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