How Bloomberg Media is selling advertisers on the news

To do that, it’s pitching a new product called Trendr. Not to be confused with Trendrr, the Twitter-owned company that tracks social media engagement around TV shows — or Tinder, the controversial dating app — Trendr is an algorithm-driven news widget that presents the most popular companies in real-time, based on how many stories Bloomberg is publishing on the topic, what’s most popular with readers and the companies’ stock prices. When readers click on one of the company names, they’re taken to a list of stories about that company, which they can then click through to read. In each step of the way, the advertiser that buys the placement gets full share of voice of the ad unit.

The widget is limited to most popular companies for now, but Bloomberg plans to extend the concept to the most popular people and topics.

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Source: Digiday

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