How Dutch publishers are changing brand audience measurement

Irena Petric, managing director of NOM (a joint industry committee conducting national readership surveys for publishers in The Netherlands), explained how the move is underpinned by thinking of newspapers and magazines as “brands”, stepping away from the idea that the type of product equals the platform on which it is published. She was speaking at the FIPP Insight Forum at Sanoma’s offices in Hoofdorp, The Netherlands.

“Publishers are delivering their content on different platforms, not only paper. Advertisers want data about the whole footprint of the brand (i.e. not only readership of paper editions), and as publishers we have to work on delivering them with the relevant data,” she said.

While there is no universal solution to this, overall, there are broadly two goals with measuring brand audience across platforms, Petric said. These are:

  • Capturing cross-platform audience data for the promotion of brands. Here the focus is on establishing gross audiences (with overlap) of brands across platforms.
  • Providing data for media planning. Here the objective is to provide gross as well as net audiences (with overlap between platforms removed). 

NOM’s work focuses on developing the latter – a work in progress:

  • In 2012, they included some questions on usage on digital platforms;
  • In 2014, they added detailed questions about usage on digital platforms for 10 Dutch magazine media and newspaper brands; and
  • In 2015, they use a new design for the survey, which filters questions based on paper and digital usage (photo below).
NOM print monitor Insight Forum 2015 ()

This enables NOM to provide the following data, which includes readership of paper, in digital, and a gross as well as net brand figure (see photo with example below):

Total reading of brands NOM Insight Forum 2015 ()

Story by Cobus Heyl.

Download the full presentation from the FIPP Insight Forum (pdf)

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