How Forbes is expanding in Europe

The publisher, known for its large network of outside contributors in the US, has the same, albeit smaller set-up in Europe with eight permanent editorial staffers, six commercial people and 140 regular contributors. Most of these publish content to the website though Forbes also has a European print edition with a circulation of 20,000.

With the European push, Forbes is courting business-minded millennials, who, the publisher claims, already account for half its traffic. Forbes is also fine-tuning its native ad platform, complementing it with some location-specific efforts, including a “Forbesfone” mobile service.

Expanding 30 Under 30 franchise 

For the past four years, Forbes has released a “30 Under 30″ annual list of millennial entrepreneurs, across industries including tech, healthcare and social entrepreneurship. The list comes with a conference. Its first EMEA summit will be in Tel Aviv in Israel in 2016.

This franchise now has its own editorial vertical, featuring content for and by young entrepreneurs. Forbes also has a social networking app for those in the 30 Under 30 lists to meet and stay in touch. It is available for those on the US and European lists and, in time, will become a single global app.

Forbes worked with Tinder to co-develop the design so it emulates some of the traits the social dating app has become known for, such as its swiping feature.

Members can browse a stack of “cards,” which include basic profile information including their areas of interest. They can swipe right for “I’d like to connect” or left for “maybe later.” If a match is made, both users are notified and prompted to start a conversation, just like on Tinder.

With 1,500 users, the app also includes activity feeds, member directories, a direct messaging service and content developed by the members themselves.

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