How Snapchat plans to compete with Facebook for advertisers’ money

Instead Snapchat has set its sights on recreating Facebook’s success, and its employees have been discussing with people outside the company how it plans to do just that.

Snapchat has several plans in place to build its ad business in ways that would emulate Facebook’s. According to several people with knowledge of the company’s plans, those include improved ad targeting based on what content people are checking out in Snapchat’s Discover publisher portal, as well as the sites they’re browsing and searches they’re conducting outside of Snapchat.

The company is also pursuing the ability for brands to fact-check whether their ads were seen. And it has pending hires of sales and measurement bosses.

In conversations with people outside the company, Snapchat execs have even floated the possibility of redesigning its Stories tab to into a algorithmically ranked feed a la Facebook’s news feed that would be ordered based on the stories — collections of posts, or “snaps,” publicly uploaded in the last 24 hours — that individuals are most likely to want to check out based on their past viewing behavior.

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Source: AdAge

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