How social media trends are capturing the millennial audience

What motivates the social media interactions of millennials? How are they changing? What are the drivers? How do you profit? ZQ Intelligence’s white paper “Dawn of a Social Media Trend? Revelations from Butter, a new social media app” explains how those key questions can be answered. 

Whether it’s on mobile, tablet or PC, ZQ Intelligence shows every action of customers and prospects to get a 24/7 look into their daily digital lives. 
Using Luth Research’s ZQ Intelligence, consumers’ online behaviour on their client Butter’s new social media app was tracked between January 2013 and February 2014.  Users primarily used social media to make new friends outside of their social circles (22 percent) and out of a desire to avoid boredom (21 percent). Most of those that primarily used social media to make new friends are under 30. 

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