Impact of tablet ads measured by Axel Springer’s Auto Bild

“We wanted to know early-on how apps were used and how advertising was impacted in tablet apps,” said Anja Manouchehri, project manager at Axel Springer, presenting the research today at FIPP’s Insight Forum in Amsterdam.

The research, by automotive brand Auto Bild, took place over three phases, and began in 2011 to monitor positive ad response, in 2012 looked at the effectiveness of interactive tablet ads and in 2014, a cross-media comparison of ad effect of online, print and tablet apps was undertaken.

Main findings and implications

The results of the study demonstrate the possibilities of in-app advertising on tablets. Within 26 seconds, in-app advertising had the highest average viewing time, placing it in the same league as TV commercials, according to Manouchehri.

And this is attributed to interactivity: 38 per cent of the participants used interactive features, which “not only increases attention but is also fun”.

The study found that 92 per cent of participants registered positive emotions while viewing of in-app advertising, which was measured by facial emotion tracking (FET).

The combination of high attention and strong emotional appeal allows for a strong advertising effect, said Manouchehri, which is confirmed by the reaction time measurement: in-app advertising shows the deepest processing of the three channels and participants also remembered the highest number of messages during the follow-up interview. 

Impact on the market

Against the backdrop of growing sales in the tablet market, the Axel Springer study shows that interactive in-app ads have great potential for advertisers. The research analyses and proves the effectiveness of cross-media advertising along the perceptual process. The users are in a lean-back state of mind, which is associated with an emotionally positive and open attitude. In addition, the user is encouraged to engage in an interactive dialogue with the advertising, according to Manouchehri.

“In-app advertising is often perceived as content, which offers new opportunities for advertisers,” said Manouchehri. “If interactive features and advertising message work together, in-app advertising can trigger a degree of involvement that any advertiser would wish for,” she concluded.

Story by Amy Duffin.

Download the full speaker presentation from the Insight Forum (pdf)

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