Independent and Evening Standard content now available for syndication on The Content Exchange

The Content Exchange (TCE) has this week announced that editorial from The Independent and Evening Standard is now available to license via the platform. The modern content syndication marketplace facilitates transactions between various buyers and sellers in a single place, and since its inception in 2020 has signed up a string of high-profile publishers including Future plc. 

“Working with TCE makes our syndication business even more diverse and efficient,” said Sophie Hanbury, Director of Strategic Content Partnerships at Independent Digital News & Media. “We hope that it will attract new business and audiences for The Independent and The Evening Standard. As a publisher, we remain in control of our content, end usage and pricing, while TCE takes care of distribution, translation and payments. For us an ideal way of maximising distribution and revenue opportunity.”

Joris van Lierop, CEO for The Content Exchange, added: “We are proud to work with such outstanding brands that attract the interest of a global audience. The content will deliver additional value to many publications and reach new audiences. TCE is about stories worth sharing, and these brands definitely bring that to the platform.”

A popular UK news outlet, The Independent leverages a network of global correspondents to produce its editorial, from London to Delhi, Moscow to New York, as well as the Middle East. Published from twelve countries and in six languages, it’s a brand who’s content lends itself extremely well to international licensing and syndication.  

For the Evening Standard, part of the fabric of London since 1827, it’s an opportunity to capitalise on the rich historic popularity of UK heritage, across areas such as Businesses, Arts, Culture, and Lifestyle through their portfolio of high-profile journalism.


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