Industry lacks understanding of programmatic, says study

According to the Reaching Full Potential report the programmatic market is expected to more than double over the next three years. The report, which cites figures from Magna Global, forecasts the market to grow by 111 per cent: from US$29.3bn (£19.2bn) to $61.9bn (£40.6bn) in 2018.

The research found 71 per cent of people in adland believe that the knowledge of programmatic is “one of the most important capabilities that agencies will need to possess in five years’ time… To put that into better context, only 65 per cent of respondents believe that high levels of creativity will be important. Once something becomes more important than creativity itself, you know it’s become a pretty big deal.”

44 per cent of those questioned did not understand, or had a small amount of knowledge, about how programmatic works. The same was true for 63 per cent of advertisers, 48 per cent of agencies, and 47 per cent of publishers. 29 per cent of the industry use programmatic despite knowing very little about it.

In terms of publishers, 61 per cent offer programmatic inventory, but the remaining 39 per cent could not afford to not be on board.

The report noted: “Now that programmatic capabilities form an integral part of media buyers’ and agencies’ arsenals, can any online publisher afford not to be offering – and for that matter, learning – programmatic?”

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Source: Advertising news & jobs

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